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Wednesday club

Wednesday Club, complete English immersion without leaving Paris

Our Wednesday Club provides parents with the opportunity to enroll their children for an extra day of English learning and fun.  Although the same careful planning and application of learning theories go into organizing our Wednesday Club, it is very different from our regular school days.  The entire day is conducted in English and it is all about playing and being creative while having ample opportunity to speak and develop English conversation and speaking skills.

Full day session

Our full day session runs from 9 am to 4 pm.  The program is especially planned to provide a wide range of fun and stimulating activities.  With its focus on creativity, Wednesday Club sessions integrate art, music and theatre to develop imagination while building children’s self-confidence in speaking English. This full day session also includes quiet play and story time to ensure that younger participants have a chance to rest and reenergize.

Our teachers are bilingual native English speakers who are trained in teaching and using effective pedagogy.

Each session is theme-based and extra attention is paid to focus on themes and activities that are different than those covered during regular school time.  Your child is engaged and excited and the themed structure ensures that he or she will come away from each session having learned vocabulary in a way that is easily retained.  Extra effort is made to get your child to speak as much as possible, which is the best way to help your child gain confidence in speaking English!

Please note that Wednesday Club is a fun and worthwhile experience for everyone.  Whether your child speaks little to no English or whether your child speaks English as a mother tongue, Wednesday Club is an exciting time.  Differentiated instruction and individual and small group time ensures that each student will grow and learn at his or her own pace.

Half-day program

Half-day sessions are also a possibility.  You can sign your child up for either the morning or afternoon, depending on your schedule.


Wednesday Club is open to our students as well as to students who attend outside schools.  However, priority is given to BISP students.

To enroll or to receive further information, please fill up the form.