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Bilingual education

Dual language immersion structure

The Bilingual International school of Paris’ dual language immersion program is especially tailored to suit its students’ needs.

Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten

From the start, our Nursery students are ready to embark on a linguistic adventure. At this age they are motivated to talk to their classmates and teachers. We foster this interaction within the group and encourage the children to speak the language of instruction, as modelled by their teachers, whether it be in their French or English learning segment.

All of our teachers are native speakers and the school day is equally divided into French and English instruction and play.

In Pre-Kindergarten, our students continue to build upon what they have learned in Nursery while increasing their proficiency in and understanding of both languages.  By the end of the school year they are beginning to read in both languages and are making progress in getting started writing in French and English.

At BISP, neither language is treated like a foreign language, instead both French and English are used just as if they were a normal part of daily life, mirroring what happens in dual language homes.

Kindergarten and Elementary School: the culmination of the first step in a lifelong journey

After two years together, by the time our students enter Kindergarten, they have developed sufficient ease in both languages. Kindergarten and primary schoolchildren continue continue to follow a balanced 50% English, 50% French program. Since language is the medium of instruction, not its subject, knowledge and skills acquisition are reinforced.

At BISP, we make learning fun

Our immersion language school focuses on making learning fun. Our teaching methods stress active learning that incorporates art, music, dance, and other creative processes on a daily basis.

Teachers alternate working with children individually and in groups, and all lesson plans and instruction are differentiated to support and address each child’s needs.  Our curriculum encourages inquisitiveness and imagination through projects and organized play, all of which is supported by the use of appropriate multimedia technology.

Routine is key for helping children to feel secure and at ease.  All of our classes establish daily procedures and activities that allow them to feel comfortable and ensure that each child understands that he or she is a valued member of the class community.  Children are given rules to follow to ensure their safety, and healthy and healthful social skills are taught and modelled.  At the same time, our framework is clear and flexible, affording each child the space he or she needs to learn and grow in an atmosphere of mutual respect, concern for each others’ feelings, and tolerance