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The contents of our program are based on the educational standards included in the following national programs: The French National Education program for all classes and subject matter that are taught in French, Curriculum from U.S. programs for classes and subject matter that are taught in English. Due to the international nature of our school and student population, special attention has been given to adjusting our program to suit our multi-cultural learning needs.

Our core academic program is complemented by the study of themes inspired by the International Primary Curriculum.

Special care is made to ensure that academic content and skills are harmonized so that children come away with real, lasting knowledge that they can easily apply in a real-world setting.

BISP’s bilingual interdisciplinary curriculum enables students to make connections across subject matters and concepts, supporting the child’s vocabulary acquisition and language production in the process. Research indicates that this enhances children’s cognitive development and creative problem-solving skills.

Multimedia and current technology are fully integrated into the learning process, supporting the child’s learning and understanding while serving to prepare your child to be functional citizens of the modern world.

Here at BISP we feel strongly that a well-rounded education goes beyond just academics. Our students learn to see the world around them through different lenses with our art, drama, dance, music, physical education, and computer science programs. All of these specialized classes are taught by instructors who have extensive experience in the field.