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Preschool program

The early years are critical in setting the foundations for a successful bilingual education. The earlier your child is exposed to other languages, the better in terms of ease of learning and ability to communicate like a native speaker.

More than just about language, BISP proposes small classes, an international student body, and a warm and caring environment that will provide a special and memorable initiation to school and education. With our focus on active learning, your child will learn how to learn and be inquisitive. After three years together, your child will have attained literacy in both languages, strong social and communication skills, as well as an ability to work both autonomously and as part of a team. Your child’s experience at BISP will lay the groundwork for a lifetime of learning and education.

A bilingual education program that focuses on the mind and body

In addition to instilling literacy in both languages and strong early math skills, our bilingual education program and methods focus on helping young students develop their motor skills and coordination while they explore their five senses and creativity through arts and crafts, song, dance, physical education, and free play. Our program is especially designed to stimulate their curiosity and imagination. Because BISP supports their emotional, relational and social development, we help your children to become confident, positive, and motivated individuals.

Our bilingual education methods give our students all the support and personal attention they need to become respectful and well-rounded individuals, secure in the knowledge that they are valued members of the school's community and equipped to enter the primary school program.