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Our school

Mission Statement

The Bilingual International School of Paris is committed to providing students with a first-rate bilingual education right in the heart of Paris that is in line with the best the French and English-based educational systems have to offer.

Founded by parents from the Paris international expatriate community, the Bilingual International School of Paris draws on the diversity and cultural richness of Paris to provide academic and extracurricular opportunities that prepare children to engage in today’s globalized world.

We set high standards for our students, and we offer them the individualized attention they need to reach their academic potential.

What we learn from a young age stays with us throughout our lives, and in line with this BISP strives to make each child’s first educational experience a positive and successful one.  In doing so, BISP makes a strong contribution to supporting parents in raising well-rounded and happy children, ready for a lifetime of learning where they will succeed academically, personally and professionally.