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Bilingual education

Bilingual education: instruction in French and English

Your child will be learning two languages by learning in two languages.

At our school neither French nor English is considered a foreign language. Contrary to other bilingual education methods where one language remains the dominant language of instruction, our dual language immersion program places equal emphasis on both.

Exactly one half of the school day is devoted to learning and speaking in French and the other half is devoted to English. This balanced approach is key to achieving the native intimacy with each language that fully bilingual and bicultural individuals enjoy.

True bilingualism is not taught. It is experienced. Just as babies and toddlers learn to walk, smile, and laugh by watching their parents, young children become bilingual through regular exposure engagement, and natural interaction. At BISP, your child’s experience mimics this parent-child linguistic interaction in that he or she will spend half of the time learning and playing alongside a native English-speaking teacher, and the other half of the time alongside a native French-speaking teacher.

This dual language immersion approach is not new. Its successful track record throughout the world indicates that it is the most effective form of bilingual education and that its linguistic and cognitive benefits endure throughout a child’s lifetime.

Active learning

The benefits of our education go beyond the dual language framework. At BISP, we strongly believe that active learning, not passive learning, should be promoted at this young age. By this we mean that we do not place an emphasis on rote memorization. Instead, we stimulate our students’ engagement in the learning process through interactive pedagogy that is differentiated to meet each child’s specific needs. Instruction is enhanced and supported by the use of appropriate technological and multimedia resources and a strong emphasis is placed on enriching the curriculum with artistic, creative, and open-ended projects.

More than a well-rounded education

At BISP, our dual language immersion program teaches languages through content. Our students acquire the academic vocabulary and proficiency the English-based and French national education frameworks recommend in both these languages.

While we take the young scholar in your child very seriously, we consider our approach to be focused on the whole child. By this we mean that our program emphasizes bringing out the best in each one of our students. This includes focusing on teamwork within the classroom and treating each other with respect and kindness. While we value academic success, we also value your child’s growth as an individual and as a part of our greater society. Our teachers model positive behavior and respectful language and actions towards others are promoted.

Educating young children involves more than just providing them with a solid academic foundation. At BISP, we place equal emphasis on helping our students become well-rounded, self-assured and compassionate individuals attuned to the intercultural challenges of our interdependent world.

Our global culture

Our school is made up of children from all around the world. Inside and outside the classroom, students from different cultural backgrounds work and play together, sharing and developing each other’s language skills and learning about each other’s cultures, traditions and value systems.