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Field trips and class outings

Field trips in and around Paris are an essential part of the BISP curriculum.  What better way to support what children are learning in class while taking advantage of all that Paris has to offer?

Our Nursery class generally takes 3 trips per year.  It is the perfect opportunity to explore the world around us while teaching and reinforcing life skills such as walking in line, staying together as a group, and how to be a good partner.

The Preschool and Elementary classes usually take several trips per term. All our field trips are carefully chosen to ensure that they are safe for our children and provide an opportunity to learn and grow.  Extra attention is paid to plan trips that correlate with the themes that are being studied in class and teachers work to prepare the children beforehand.  In this way, children understand what they are seeing and experiencing and are supported in becoming active participants in the learning opportunity.  After the field trip, special activities are organized in class to discuss what was presented during the trip.  This helps to ensure that children have understood what they saw and that the outing will provide lasting knowledge.

Field trips in the past have included visits to different museums around Paris such as the Musée Cernuschi and the Musée du Quai Branly, workshops at le Jardin d'Acclimation, and outings to la Ferme de Gally, and le Château de Breteuil.

Parents are always advised in advance of our field trips and have ample time to make preparations, such as making a picnic lunch for their child or purchasing tickets for the metro and bus.  BISP always ensures that there are a suitable number of adult chaperones accompanying the children on the outing.