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Activities and Workshops

Music, drama and dance:

At BISP we encourage and stimulate children's creativity through a strong emphasis on music, drama, and dance.  Our highly trained teachers motivate and inspire the students to become articulate communicators through enthusiastic participation that focuses on a wide range of creative activities including speech, creative movement, improvisation, and dramatic movement.

Children sing daily in both English and French with their teachers and classmates.  Several of our teachers have strong musical backgrounds and take the time to introduce children to the families of instruments and rhythm and tempo. 

Drama is incorporated into the curriculum, with children using hand puppets as well as role play to put on short plays in class.  As they prowl like a lion through the forest or wave like a tree in the wind, they become aware of their body and discover how to express ideas and emotions.  The speaking entailed supports oral production in both languages.

Each week the children have a dance class with a professionally-trained dancer.  At the end of each semester, the children have a chance to put on a show with their families in the audience.  This serves to build the children's self-esteem and confidence while developing important life skills such as following directions and working hard to achieve a goal.

Our program helps your child gain the confidence to be an active participant in every aspect of his or her life.  Your child will have the self-assurance to ask questions, seek answers, and share information with others. As they progress through life, these skills will help them make new friends and adapt to new situations.


At BISP, art is integrated into our daily program and is used to support learning.  In addition, we have specific time set aside each week for art lessons. 

Young children enjoy finger painting, mixing colors and using ink stamps to express their creativity and as such we provide our Nursery students with ample opportunity to discover and explore through art.  Through our curriculum, they are provided with projects which allow them to explore shapes, colors, and textures while using a variety of art techniques. Each week they create masterpieces to bring home and share with the family.

Our older children develop new skills and talents through artistic expression while using a variety of wonderful materials and tools. Each lesson focuses upon developing new skills, learning specific techniques and expanding knowledge.

Each semester we organize a special “art show? where children get the opportunity to show off their work, just like real artists.

Physical Education:

Physical education is important to us at BISP.  Each class has recess outdoors every day.  During that time, we organize games, activities and sports that contribute to each student’s growth and development.

Additionally, the Pre-K and K classes both have a weekly physical education class where they engage in activities specially designed to improve gross motor skills.