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Once you discover what our bilingual preschool is all about, you will wish you could be a child all over again!

A bilingual preschool in the heart of Paris

The Bilingual International School of Paris (BISP) is a private, independent, and non-denominational bilingual preschool for children from 2 1/2 to 6 years of age.

BISP, the Bilingual school of Paris France, is a three-year preschool (Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten) offering a dual language immersion program that is in alignment with French National and English-based curriculum frameworks.

A bilingual international school with a strong academic program that promotes inquisitive freedom

Our bilingual preschool takes a comprehensive approach to educating children, focusing strongly on academics as well as on their physical and emotional development. At BISP, your child will benefit from a solid curriculum that is taught by native speakers of French and English.  Instruction time is divided equally among the two languages with specific classrooms devoted to each language.  The curriculum is enriched and supported by creative and artistic activities, as well as physical education.

We believe strongly that a child needs to feel nurtured and safe before he or she is ready to learn. Our small class structure fosters close relationships between the child and his or her teachers and classmates and provides ample opportunity to differentiate instruction and tailor learning to the child’s interests and needs.

At BISP, we encourage your child's inquisitiveness and use of imagination to foster a sense that learning is fun. A child who enjoys learning from a young age will develop the commitment and skills needed to pursue a lifetime of education.  Our educational approach is not rote and repetitive, but rather one that is open-ended and multi-faceted while encouraging your child to ask questions about the world around him or her.

The teachers and staff of BISP help each student develop the self-confidence and interpersonal skills needed whereby they feel free to express their talents while becoming caring, respectful and tolerant individuals.

A bilingual international school with small classes and cutting-edge technology

BISP’s small class size is unique in Paris and provides an opportunity to offer an individualized approach to each student.  At our school your child is not a number, but a special member of our family. As a parent you become part of our family as well, with invitations to participate in our numerous school activities and frequent communication about what is going on in our school and how your child is progressing at school.

At BISP, we bring the best of 21st century technology into the classroom to engage children in a multimedia learning experience.

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